A bridge to another reality

The subtitle of this post should be  “Travelling in (EXPLETIVE DELETED) England.”   I like England, so let me explain.  As you may know, while recovering from a recent concussion, I tried to avoid much visual and mental stimulation by quietly listening to Continue reading “A bridge to another reality”

The struggle of the first Nova Scotian

William Alexander had a startling idea.  The year was 1620, the Puritan pilgrims were just then arriving in what was going to be “New England,” while Champlain had a little settlement in Quebec that was grandiosely called “New France.”  In between these Continue reading “The struggle of the first Nova Scotian”

A blog reprint for Mental Health Week

I am recovering nicely from my concussion accident seven weeks ago, but I still have to limit my screen time.  Since this is Mental Health Week across Canada, I have reprinted a piece published here on November 3, 2017.

The large and serious man, who easily would have outweighed me, showed no sign of playing a joke on me, and there were few customers around us.  Previous to this time, I Continue reading “A blog reprint for Mental Health Week”

The rabbit curse of Oak Island

The previous post  [“Life on a little island” March 26, 2018]  reminded me of the times in the 1990s that I spent on Nova Scotia’s legendary Oak Island (shown above).  Here is my tongue-in-cheek story about one particular trip to that mysterious place.

Continue reading “The rabbit curse of Oak Island”

Life on a little island

One of the many recurring lessons of life I have found is the one that points out how little we know or understand of other people, of their personal experiences, struggles, accomplishments and thoughts.  This was again reflected in a series of published stories Continue reading “Life on a little island”