Merry Christmas (the dark side of light)

Charlie Brown looked up.  The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light, he remembered, yet everywhere around him the only light that people were excited about were bright Christmas displays.  But beyond all that glitter, Charlie had another interest, something the others laughed at but which reflected his own way of looking at life. Continue reading “Merry Christmas (the dark side of light)”

Remembering reality

Reminiscing.  Every now and then I hear about trends in many colleges and universities that tend to stifle and even punish open debate or discussion of controversial ideas.  Recently there has been some hullabaloo around the issue of using transgender pronouns in class, with at least one school moving to shut down open discussion. My response is, “So what else is new?” Continue reading “Remembering reality”

U.S. massacres and “mental health”

O.K., I lied.  I said my next blog article would appear on December 1st.  I have one waiting to be released on that day, but in the meantime there have been things said about the recent awful massacres in Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Texas, that as a former mental health community worker I really do have to respond to. Continue reading “U.S. massacres and “mental health””

He said, “I am going to kill you.”

The large and serious man, who easily would have outweighed me, showed no sign of playing a joke on me, and there were few customers around us.  Previous to this time, I had studied at various schools to be a community mental health counselor and had learned what to do in a sudden situation of this kind. Continue reading “He said, “I am going to kill you.””

An inkling of unusual friendship

Summer is long gone, and I’m back writing.  The last time I blogged, I recommended  that untutored, impoverished artist Maude Lewis and the new movie about her life.  Since the DVD came out this fall, I have called several stores but they all reported being sold out of Maudie, and even their second ordered supply had been quickly snapped up.  I will have to get my copy by an on-line supplier; the demand has been remarkable. Continue reading “An inkling of unusual friendship”