Above you see me, Case, with my wife Deb, visiting Oxford U.K.   My background is in teaching history, mediation in church situations, and mental health outreach  —  all in Canada.   Now retired from these pursuits, I have time to read lots of books (and a few good movies), and some of these inspire me to write something.   Why books and not experience?  But I already have a lifetime of experience that now helps me to really appreciate the experience and wisdom that others share in their books.

In most cases, the writers of books have worked hard at putting words on the page.  Some of them have spent years in writing just one volume, researching, rearranging, editing and being edited, and in the end they have a really creative, useful, and enjoyable product.  (This paragraph is an edited excerpt from the article “Blogs, books, blarney,” that was published on Bookends May 5, 2016). 

The tag line on the home page sums up the idea of this blog:  When a book ends, time to share my thoughts.”  



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