My summer wish for you

Summer is almost here, and I am going to give Bookends a bit of a rest.  Oh, I don’t mean I’m going to stop reading.  Since retiring, I rarely read for any other reason than pleasure.  All I mean is that I won’t be blogging about what I’ve read.  Not for a couple of months at least.  For much of my life I have read a lot and have written a lot, just like singer-song-writers who are always picking out a tune, like crafters and artists who are always creating a piece, or like the “Chariots of Fire” runner who said he runs because it is then that “I feel His pleasure.”  It’s just something that people do because they’re who they are.

Speaking of artists, have you seen the new movie “Maudie” yet?  Highly recommended!  Nova Scotia’s now-famous Maude Lewis was always painting, despite having had no training and despite her various disabilities.  When I walked into her little house many years ago, long before the entire structure was moved to the provincial art galley in Halifax, it was fascinating just to see the impressive result of her compulsion to decorate everything in her home and to ornament her soul in the midst of a difficult life.

My reason for blogging is perhaps not so very different from her motivation or that of many writers, musicians, artists and runners.  I read and write largely for pleasure, but make no mistake about it, I would indeed want a few folks to read at least some of what I write.  And  here it has been my observation (not criticism) that genuine one-on-one communication among people is actually quite rare.  Lots of things are said, laughed over, gossiped, raged about, and penned  –  all the time  –  but I have seen that in all that verbal exchange there can be little of real substance.

Before the blog, I experimented with encouraging more worthwhile discussion by placing on Facebook suggestions for conversation under the title “Coffee Time.”  For a while, this really worked as people were sending back-and-forth comments on certain subjects, generally in a friendly manner.  That was great, though it didn’t last.  After a couple of months, it just petered out.  The Bookends blog has done marginally better.

I also enjoy hearing about old friends and am interested (and often grateful) to learn how their lives are turning out, but summer is just around the corner and it’s time for a change of pace.  I hope to do some travelling through picturesque Newfoundland — maybe even see my first iceberg.  And of course, I will also be reading quietly in the backyard of my home, no doubt making notations of one kind or another, but I’ll spare you the report about it.

Thanks to all you who took the time to read some of my blog articles.  Here’s wishing you a healthy, pleasurable summer, with lots of good friendly conversation!


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