Stories of the lower lights

I am preparing to give a talk to the men’s group I meet with each week, twenty guys from many walks of life, variously still active, though all have “seen better days,” as the somewhat euphemistic phrase says.  There are many personal stories there, intriguing stuff that I wish more would share, although I know that few of these stories will be heard by me, or even sometimes by their families.  The lower lights rarely speak of their Continue reading “Stories of the lower lights”

Human meteorites

Recently, there was another news report of an unusually bright alien rock entering the earth’s atmosphere, briefly lighting up the night sky like noon before breaking up and disappearing.  I have had the privilege of twice being at the right time and the right place to witness such an awesome sight. For an instant, the mind flashes from intense wonder, to religious hope, to nuclear horror, before settling back into the scientific complacency of knowing it was “just” a large meteorite. Continue reading “Human meteorites”