Emoji spirituality

Let’s just be politically incorrect for a moment because just when I thought I had understood the changing culture a little bit, along comes the translation of the Bible into emoji characters, those cute little pictures that appear in e-mails and other on-line messages.  Far be it from me to pan an effort to be culturally relevant, but experience would show that accurate insight and useful understanding will have to go at least a step or two beyond emojis.  Like any difficult topic, it only becomes simple after we have grown to really understand it quite well.  

My observation  (not criticism)  has been that only after many years of living and learning have acquaintances of mine become able to summarize in a nutshell what they believe about the important things of life.  Before that, they had many theories and preferences, but now they often just speak of “a walk.”   The walking-part is about learning and living in relationship.  

Yup.  Relationship is what they now say it’s really all about.  All kinds of relationships, with oneself, with special others, with people out there, with animals and nature.  And yes, also with “the higher Power.”  Certainly, most of us have had some serious issues with God, often because it’s hard to understand why some very tough things happened to us and we instinctively know that God must have had something to do with it.  

So, relationship as a “walk”  — that’s quite a concept.  For those who are concerned that a concept should be biblical, in many places the Good Book insists that the walk is primarily about two things — about truth and about love — both together and not one without the other. It boils down to “speaking the truth in love.”  One leg is a genuine interest in knowing what is true, what is right and accurate, and not mere gossip, hunches, hasty assumptions, tradition, or social pressure.  The other leg is living non-judgmentally towards others, with grace and patience, practical compassion and generosity.  One leg at a time, one after the other, not hopping for too long on one alone — that is how the walk is done.

Too simple?  Just try to be consistent in it for a week or so.  It’s not so easy, but this is how progress is made in a relationship, one day at a time, one leg at a time.  We can get it wrong is if we start thinking the truth is the most important leg, because then we won’t have a balanced walk and people may start to wonder why we’re so unloving or extreme in our views.  On the other hand, trying to be loving without a sound foundation of outlook and belief  —  that can lead to shallow sentiment or the kind of political correctness that pretends to ignore significant differences.  Truth and love are both equally necessary.

To illustrate (without emoticons), on various occasions I have watched a person of faith being figuratively crucified by other people of faith, and the tools used were reviling and gossip.  Those who believed the stories typically avoided further conversation with the person under attack, so that they never did investigate or learn another side of the story.  No interest in truth there, and consequently no real love shown.  Yet the same people would insist that they only had the best of intentions.  Isn’t that always the way?  But no  interest in truth means no demonstration of love.

Sorry, but I don’t have a really good emoji to accurately illustrate that.








One thought on “Emoji spirituality”

  1. Case, this is a very insightful, succinct way of explaining the essence of working out our salvation with “fear and trembling” and recognizing how God is working in us according to “His good pleasure”. Thanks for sharing.


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