Of Bird and the bees – Part 2

Standfast Billings, a cobbler living near Amherst in Nova Scotia in the 1700s, had a wife who appeared to be near the end of her days.  Since there were four small children, Billings decided to prepare for the future by writing up an advertisement to be made Continue reading “Of Bird and the bees – Part 2”

Of Bird and the bees – Part 1

The boundary between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia is the Missiquash River, although it was briefly called the Marguerite, and how the name was changed is a “love against family wishes” story.  Not far from the river lived, in 1676, the French nobleman Continue reading “Of Bird and the bees – Part 1”

Underground in the war – Part 2

Significantly different from the book of Loek Caspers is the one written by my aunt Susan, even though both cover the lives and actions of members of the Dutch resistance.  As Susan said in her book, “I am not focused so much on the war itself, but rather the experiences, the emotions and feelings amongst members of my family…”  This she does Continue reading “Underground in the war – Part 2”

Underground in the war – Part 1

It is understandable that when people have gone through a very difficult time they don’t want to talk much about it.  That has been the reported situation in many families who lived through the Second World War.  Continue reading “Underground in the war – Part 1”

Curious facts about early “British” people

Most of us are very familiar with the ancient standing-stones formation known as  Stonehenge.  But perhaps many will be surprised to learn that throughout Britain there are or have been hundreds of these circular structures.  In one Scottish county alone, Continue reading “Curious facts about early “British” people”