The “hidden meaning” idea

What if Tom, a film critic, speculating on George Lucas’ Star Wars film series, says that his (Tom’s) interpretation carries more weight than anything Lucas may have said about it?  And what if Tom defends that bold claim by stating that he knows a secret “hidden Continue reading “The “hidden meaning” idea”

Black history month: “the Maroons”

I live in Nova Scotia and for years I heard mention of “the Maroons,” a not widely-known group of several hundred African rebels from Jamaica who stayed here four tumultuous years before moving on across the ocean to Sierra Leone.  Last month, I Continue reading “Black history month: “the Maroons””

2001: A Space Odyssey — 50 years later

This year, 2018, marks the fiftieth anniversary of the release of the classic movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, by Stanley Kubrick with the collaboration of sci-fi novelist Arthur C. Clarke.  The strange movie is generally considered to be one of the ten best films ever Continue reading “2001: A Space Odyssey — 50 years later”

Dying to serve

At the local library one day, I noticed a book that would not typically have interested me enough to borrow it.  But something drew me to it — and for that I came to be very grateful.  I took from the stacks a thin white volume called The Boys, or, Waiting for the electrician’s daughter by John Terpstra.  The jacket indicated the author was a renowned Canadian poet, though a glance at the text showed this was more prose than pure poetry.
Continue reading “Dying to serve”

Lincoln’s practical wisdom

Check out Abe Lincoln on YouTube and you find various videos teaching kids and adults how to draw him.  Numerous books and essays have also “painted” a portrait of Lincoln and these range from children’s literature to multi-volume historical studies, from the Continue reading “Lincoln’s practical wisdom”

Martin Luther & King Jr.

Michael King Jr. Day is celebrated in the U.S. every third Monday in January  —  no, wait, that’s not right.  It actually is Martin Luther King Jr. Day,  isn’t?  But it might have been Michael  King Jr. Day had his father not earlier changed his own name and that of his
son. Continue reading “Martin Luther & King Jr.”

Understanding tragedy

Today’s blog does not come from reading any one book but rather from many news reports summarized in a Wikipedia article on the tragic case of Joshua Boyle.  To that reading I add my studies and on-the-job training in working with people who have Continue reading “Understanding tragedy”