Protection of slaves — or a rubber duckie?

I see it over and over again, that life is not best when all is straightforwardly simple and positive, but rather it improves when difficulty and confusion somehow find a way to good outcomes.  Things are rarely straightforward in real life. Continue reading “Protection of slaves — or a rubber duckie?”

The largest man-made explosion….

This is being posted at 9:05 a.m. on the sixth of December, the day and time that the world’s largest man-made explosion devastated a city, exactly one-hundred years ago.  It was a catastrophic disaster on the lines of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but nearly three decades before nuclear bombs destroyed even more in those two places.  Besides having Continue reading “The largest man-made explosion….”

The perils of Christmas

Christmas can be funny.   The cashier in the store gave me the dirtiest, judgmental look, as if to say, “What kind of father are you?!”  It was the day after Christmas and she had just asked my two small children, “And was Santa good to you?”  To which the kids truthfully replied, “We didn’t get anything from Santa.”  They, or I, could have gone into Continue reading “The perils of Christmas”

Merry Christmas (the dark side of light)

Charlie Brown looked up.  The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light, he remembered, yet everywhere around him the only light that people were excited about were bright Christmas displays.  But beyond all that glitter, Charlie had another interest, something the others laughed at but which reflected his own way of looking at life. Continue reading “Merry Christmas (the dark side of light)”

Remembering reality

Reminiscing.  Every now and then I hear about trends in many colleges and universities that tend to stifle and even punish open debate or discussion of controversial ideas.  Recently there has been some hullabaloo around the issue of using transgender pronouns in class, with at least one school moving to shut down open discussion. My response is, “So what else is new?” Continue reading “Remembering reality”