John Adams and mental health

Ready for some time travel?  Back in the day, my professors, instructors and textbooks told me that little or no progress had been made in the field of mental health and psychiatry until the late 19th century, but a great deal since then.  That may be typical of a lot of higher education.  Eventually, I started to find out otherwise, and the following Continue reading “John Adams and mental health”

The deeper music

Spoiler Alert:  The Music of Silence is a great movie released last fall and now out on Netflix.  It is about the life of Italian star tenor Andrea Bocelli who was born sight-impaired and later became fully blind.  Through many struggles, the young man eventually becomes a night-club singer, then an operatic tenor, and then reaches a level  Continue reading “The deeper music”

Guest comment: Evangelicals and Trump

This is the week of “The Fourth of July.”  Time to think of what my American friends and relatives are up to, and why a large religious voting block has been enthusiastically  behind a president who lives by no discernible moral code.  I think I know part of the Continue reading “Guest comment: Evangelicals and Trump”

Phil Harding’s DNA

[ A version of this article was first posted on this site on February 27, 2016 ].

Phil Harding, the colorful field archeologist with the big hat, from the once very popular British Time Team program, was getting his DNA tested.  With the analysis complete, Phil was told he had been descended from the original hunter-gatherer- Continue reading “Phil Harding’s DNA”

Music, message, meaning

Folk music, of any kind and from any country, has always been my favorite.  Though I enjoy various selections of other styles such as classical, rock, C&W, calypso and oriental, folk music moves my soul like no other. Continue reading “Music, message, meaning”